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Is your pet suffering?

If your animal seems to be having a hard time with everyday living, perhaps there is an underlying medical condition. Let the licensed veterinarians at Bavarian Veterinary Clinic take a look.


There are many illnesses and injuries that can cause your pet to act out of the ordinary. Many times these can be treated with medicine or surgery. Find out what is going on and get your critter some relief.

Don't waste your time looking for quality, compassionate pet care. Find exactly what you need right here.

Trust in the area's longest running clinic.


Get general veterinary care

You want your pet to live a long, healthy, and happy life. In order for this to happen, regular check-ups are required. Bring your furry friend in for all of his or her routine medical needs.


- Animal flea control

- Immunizations

- Dentistry

Bring in all animals

 -  Small animals

 -  Professional

 -  Compassionate

 -  Honest

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