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Emergencies happen all the time

Anything can happen to your animal at any time. When you are worried about the well-being of your furry family member, call on the emergency services available at Bavarian Animal Hospital.


Take advantage of quality, professional, and compassionate veterinarians that are there for you and your animal. Never be left with nowhere to turn when you need medical help.

Never feel like you have nowhere to turn when your pet is suffering in an emergency situation. Let us help you.

Call any time, day or night, for instructions


Discuss the problem over the phone

The first thing you need to do when you suspect something is wrong with any of your animals is to contact us by phone. You can tell us all the symptoms that your pet is having and we can then decide a course of action together.


From there you will be instructed to either bring your critter in or let them rest until morning. Either way, you will not be left feeling hopeless for whatever condition your pet has.

Get some assistance

 -  Licensed professionals

 -  Compassionate

 -  Comprehensive service

 -  Affordable rates

 -  Around the clock care

 -  Never be rushed

 -  Longest standing clinic


Emergency care Emergency care